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Some of my web stuff

Since around the end of 1999, I've been interested in the internet, not just as a tool to help with my 'day job' but also as a method to share information.

Ownership of an unusual, (at the time), imported vehicle - a Mitsubishi Pajero - was the driving force behind creating my first web page on the internet, giving summary information about ownership of the vehicle, in order to help any other owner in the same position as myself - ie : Owning a Japanese import but unable to find help with servicing, insurance, parts etc.

I had no idea the amount of interest this web page would generate which, in turn, led to my first website, The Pajero Owners Club.

Overwhelmed by contact from other owners, this prompted the development of my first Bulletin Board - something very basic at the time, but cited by one 4x4 magazine at the time as "... the way forward for all online owners clubs!". After a while, I 'discovered' phpBB - I never looked back! Now, the The Pajero Owners Club Forums are one of the largest, most active online motoring communities in the World!

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With a taste for building communities, this led on to the development of a range of similar communities for different MPV / SUV / 4x4 vehicle owners :

The Mitsubishi Pajero Owners Club
The Mitsubishi Delica Owners Club
The Isuzu Trooper Owners Club
The Toyota Landcruiser Owners Club
The Mercedes ML Owners Club
The Suzuki 4x4 Owners Club
The Yellow Diamond Clubs

With changing situations regarding 4x4 ownership, I made a decision to extend the communities that I run to include a broader range of Japanese Import vehicles, in particular, the MPV & mini-MPV market ...

The Toyota bB Owners Club
The Honda Stepwagon Owners Club
The Honda SMX Owners Club
The Nissan Cube & Cubic Owners Club
The Mazda Bongo Friendee and Ford Freda Owners Club

In addition, I am in the process of putting together a range of other websites, including my own online bookstore & shop :

Auto Books Direct

and some specialist insurance sites, for example :

Premier Ferrari Insurance
Premier Porsche Insurance

I still have LOADS of ideas - once you've caught the bug, you just can't seem to stop!

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