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IT Consultants, Oracle DBAs, database administrators, system administrators, web designers ...

Unfortunately, people have a certain image in their mind when they try to picture IT specialists and, while there's no denying that the IT industry has it's fair share of stereotypes, most of us are normal, down to earth, good humoured individuals who simply have a flair for computer related work!

My name is Simon Hobson.
This is NOT me! ------------------>

I consider myself in the latter category, having 'fallen' into IT when I started University, then, on graduating, went on to a computing career starting as a trainee mainframe programmer with British Airways, (halcion days!), eventually moving on to Oracle Database Administration in 1997, a year later starting up as an independent ORACLE DBA specialist working within my own company, Hobson's Choice IT Solutions Ltd.

Around the same time as I set up my company, I also started to dabble in Website production which, with no formal training, is something I have only recently started to get more involved in and am having a lot of fun with a number of my own Web projects.

Not all IT specialists are the same!

We use internet-ink.co.uk for all our printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges.

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